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Simply Digital – Using OpenSource tools managing the life of your very own data

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Keeping your digital life in motion – may have been already recognized as a challenge of its own. While "digital natives" play around with new devices all other generations are becoming aware of some of the benefits of new media and social media communication. During the transition to a more digital world, classic media still performs out some of the volatile information that is unreachable if the servers are down.

Classic manuals are anchors if electronic media from the cloud is not available. While for a lot of use cases eBooks can be the better choice, a classic book is emotionally more enduring and can be more appreciated. This value is grounded in very the basic instincts of human existence. Personal touching, smelling, tasting are still not reachable by electronic devices – and should not be!

The documented knowledge for exploring these universes should survive the next erasure of your electronic device. The Illusion of having history saved in digital form is a dream you may awake from too late. So managing your digital life needs skills to manage information and exformation. Yes – getting rid of unnecessary stuff is more evident than ever with electronic collection of data.

Evenios is currently developping a new edition of books aiming at simplifying your workflows using software you can control yourself. You should be the master of migration of your data into and out of every storage you use to collect your electronic assets.

The cloud is nice to move in – but it's nice to know the way out too!

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