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If you´re so smart, why aren´t you rich?

erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 02.07.2015 00:30, zuletzt verändert: 20.04.2023 10:52
This question is often raised if you arive at the stage of people that like to impress others they do not like with money they are not worth. I will give you a smart advice: Best things in life are free. And enjoying life while bypassing external measure gives you the ultimate freedom to choose the right thing. You can always decide. Schopenhauer encoded it a little bit strange for the mainstream.

"Man can do what he wants but he cannot want what he wants." [1]

Arthur Schopenhauer exactly hit your everyday experience. But are you aware of its implications?

I once could say to my father: "In some situations, I would like to kill someone at first sight after a bad experience. But you made sure that I never do it."

The freewill to do what you want, regardless of restrictions by moral or laws and only limited by physical and your own constraints is not obvious to everyone. You can even bypass your current financial limitations by criminal- or entrepreneurical engagement or luck.

It is better to be lucky than to be smart.

To make this evidend for yourself, you can unlimit your personal success and reachable goals in a complete new way. If someone tells you, "something is impossible", these are just words. You have to figure out yourself if this is a valueable advice. At the end the solution rules.

If you can manage it, it you are fine.

So if you are challenged with something unsolveable, there is always just a fity/fifty chance for your personal goal: works or not. Probability is just a calculation for the average of thousands or more. If you belive in yourself – try it. Innovation and evolution are counting on you.

So if you are confronted with the question that is the title, the answer is:

"If you´re so rich, why aren´t you smart?"

[1] https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Arthur_Schopenhauer

P.S. In fact I am so rich ;-)