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DZUG Zope Brochure is going into print production

erstellt von admin Veröffentlicht 14.02.2011 21:05, zuletzt verändert: 19.04.2023 11:52
A new generic brochure on the Python based Zope Component Architecture for developing mature Web-Applications was finished by the DZUG Zope User Group for the german speaking community in Europe. evenios supports the production workflow together with the authoring team Armin Carl Stroß-Radschinski from acsr and Jan Ulrich Hasecke from hasecke.com. The brochure contains the register of the DZUG members who provide professional development and support for the Zope platform including Zope2, GROK, BlueBream, Pyramid and Python in general.

14. February Halle, Gemany. The DZUG announces the release of their Zope Brochure to the public on the 1st of March 2011 in Hannover on the international CeBIT fair. The content is published under a Creative Commons BY NC SA 3.0 licence including the new artwork that was developed by Armin Stroß-Radschinski and Jan Ulrich Hasecke together with Filip Hasecke who did the Particle System renderings with Blender. The illustrations try to put a focus on the famous component architecture that is based on one of the first Web-Frameworks ever. The Open Source library cloud of the Zope Toolkit and the other Zope Component architecture based frameworks like Pyramid are freely available via the Python software pool on pypi.python.org.

The brochure is a successor of the very successful "DZUG Plone Brochure" released in the beginning of 2010. An early preview of the Zope Brochure is available here and will be updated soon with the masterdata kit. The original concept was presented in October 2010 at the Plone conference in Bristol. The Plone Brochure is out of print after the CeBit and the second edition will be available until the World Plone Day 2011 on the 27th April and is distributed by the DZUG on demand.

Plone Service-companies who are interested in supporting the second release of the Plone Brochure with a sponsor ad can preregister to production.dzug@acsr.de to get a reminder when the campaign starts.