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Content Lifecycle Management – Armin Stross-Radschinski talks at the german Plone Konferenz Munich 2012

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Managing the life of digital assets has evident importance for every company today. You can bury your data very easy with cheap storage. Easy storing should save time because only a minor percentage of the stored data needs retrieval later. The challenge is that nobody can apply the filter in advance. Storing in advance is obviously only one part of the solution. To avoid storing twice or more often is one amongst others. If it comes to quality knowledge management is more important than data warehousing, because knowledge is the essence of information. Finally wisdom is choosing the right one(s) from the available answers.
Content Lifecycle Management – Armin Stross-Radschinski talks at the german Plone Konferenz Munich 2012

Content Lifecycle

Today we use multiple architectures for storing and retrieving information. The easiest and fastest is not Google but your brain. Sharpening this tool gives you the chance to tailor your memory to a storage of rules to create fresh thoughts instead of using a trashcan of used facts.

Systems that can process rules can be used to implement and support flexible workflows. Without them you are attached to strings as if to be controlled by a puppeteer. If you can change these rules yourself you are only limited by your imagination.

OpenSource software can lead you to create such flexible systems and give the chance of being part of a development by a free community. The talk will focus the lifecycle of digital content from creation until the decline of its life in an archive or the migration to new systems. This is the successor of a similar talk the author gave 2006 at the DZUG Tagung in St. Augustin, Germany. An essay based on these facts related to the popular OpenSource CMS Plone is available in german.

Plone nimmt seine Nutzer mit in die Zukunft! (Plone takes its users into the future) more...

The slides and the video of the talk are now online for viewing and download:

Armin C. Stroß-Radschinski:
Content Lifecycle Management – Digitale Inhalte langfristig verwalten

Long time management of digital content assets

(Plone Konferenz München 2012, February 23rd)

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Entrance and main communication area panoramic viewabout the conference

The first german Plone Konferenz took place between 22nd and 24th of February 2012 in Munich. The conference was organized by the fantastic Munich Plone User Group Team and accompanied by the "Plone Hochschultagung" a meeting of Universities using Plone in their infrastructure. A developer sprint starts during the conference as was extended until the following tuesday. The three impressing keynotes were international highlights and were held by the President of the Plone foundation, Matt Hamilton from Bristol UK, Elizabeth Leddy of the Plone Framework Team from Seattle USA and the Director of the European IT -Security Agency Enisa, Kreta Prof. Udo Helmbrecht. See the wrapup by Matt Hamilton for a summary.

Armin Carl Stroß-Radschinski during his talk Content Lifecycle Management at the Plone Konferenz 2012, Munich February 23rd about the speaker

The designer and product developer Armin Stroß-Radschinski delivers design and innovative functionality for outstanding products and publications since 1991. He is running his freelance studio acsr industrialdesign and the media production company evenios publishing. In the IT ecosphere, main target areas are database-frontends, webapplications and software concepts for productive environments. Central focus is integrated consultancy in the strategic environment around marketing, production and enterprise communication covering the whole bandwidth of media- and production-processes. He is member of the Plone Foundation, the Zope Foundation and since 2008 member of the board of the Python Software Verband (former DZUG).

Stage setup still video nightabout evenios & the conference

Evenios is mediapartner and sponsor of the Plone Konferenz München 2012. Besides the volunteering as a community member and public relation supporter of the Python Software Verband, evenios publishing did the executive design and pre production of many parts of the visual appearance at the conference venue. This was a fantastic teamwork together with the Munich user group team and the Python Software Verband. Evenios managed the main part of the print advertising for the conference as a mediapartner and delivered the main stage branding equipment. The supporting printing job was done by the traditional signmaking company from Bonn die Schilder. They work for Telekom and big German companies in the area of signmaking and labelling for large buildings and interior orientation systems. Evenios was also involved supporting the conference team during swag & print production for flags, table covers and banners. The timelapse video of the stage setup on youtube is not online anymore (sorry).