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Plone Community is for the Heart
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 03.03.2012 zuletzt verändert: 19.04.2023 11:57
If you ever have been on an Plone Event you will never forget the emotional strenght of the people behind this community. Since many years there are a lot of conferences, sprints and other events all over the world. Every new visitor is impressed not only by the technical side of Plone but additional Plone is an "ass... free zone" like one long year developer said at the finissage party at Starzel.de, one of the main organizers of the Munich Plone Konferenz 2012.
Bild Overview Python Brochure Preview Pages
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 07.03.2016
Some examples of the content of the new PSF Python Brochure
Existiert in Imagebank
PSF Python Brochure Teaser on his way to PyCon US 2012
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 03.03.2012 zuletzt verändert: 19.04.2023 11:45
The content collection and layout phase of the Python Brochure project for the Python Software Foundation is finished and the initial translation of the international material into english is waiting for review. The brochure team has published a 12 page half size teaser to give an early preview of some pages of the final product to support the acquisition of the sponsorships.
Plone Konferenz – der erste Tag
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 22.02.2012 zuletzt verändert: 19.04.2023 11:46
Der erste Tag der Plone Konferenz München 2012 ist vorüber und hat alle Erwartungen übertroffen. Von den über 170 angemeldeten Besuchern waren bereits 140 Teilnehmer am ersten Tag anwesend.
evenios is sponsor of the Plone Konferenz 2012 in Munich
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 22.02.2012 zuletzt verändert: 01.02.2022 14:11
We are proud to support this great event for German speaking developers and IT stakeholders. After having great Plone tracks at the annual DZUG conferences since 2004 and the regional World Plone Days, this is the first Plone exclusive conference for German speaking people. After the International conference in San Francisco last year it is a brilliant opportunity for one of the biggest parts of the worldwide Plone community to meet up in their home area.
Content Lifecycle Management – Armin Stross-Radschinski talks at the german Plone Konferenz Munich 2012
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 23.02.2012 zuletzt verändert: 23.01.2020 12:13
Managing the life of digital assets has evident importance for every company today. You can bury your data very easy with cheap storage. Easy storing should save time because only a minor percentage of the stored data needs retrieval later. The challenge is that nobody can apply the filter in advance. Storing in advance is obviously only one part of the solution. To avoid storing twice or more often is one amongst others. If it comes to quality knowledge management is more important than data warehousing, because knowledge is the essence of information. Finally wisdom is choosing the right one(s) from the available answers.
Simply Digital – Using OpenSource tools managing the life of your very own data
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 09.12.2013 zuletzt verändert: 26.04.2023 18:46
Keeping your digital life in motion – may have been already recognized as a challenge of its own. While "digital natives" play around with new devices, all other generations are becoming aware of some of the benefits of new media and social media communication. During the transition to a more digital world, classic media still performs out some of the volatile information that is unreachable if the servers are down.
Research during EuroPython 2011 in Florence Italy
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 26.06.2011 zuletzt verändert: 19.04.2023 11:41
During the european Python developer conference EuroPython 2011 in Florence Italy, the Content Scouts of the new Python brochure of the Python Software Foundation did successful interviews with a lot of the well known startups like Spotify or long time players like one of the main sponsors Google. Evenios is the production & publishing partner of the foundation for this international project.
Essays & Talks on Digital Experience & Development for the Future
erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski Veröffentlicht 27.01.2011 zuletzt verändert: 25.04.2023 17:02
evenios is focused on premium media & production for the digital century. We think from the future.