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The Python Brochure at the EuroPython booth in Florence!

erstellt von Armin Stroß-Radschinski zuletzt verändert: 10.07.2012 19:11
The PSF Python Brochure Project has finished the content and layout phase. evenios has provided the first full format pre-production issues shown at the PSF booth during the EuroPython Conference 2012 in Florence, Italy. They caused a lot of excitement – to print and distribute the brochure the PSF now needs more supporting sponsors.

The Python brochure is ready to print. Now there is a last chance to place ads or reference entries in the brochure.

Sponsors can benefit from the PSF Python Brochure by placing ads or a reference entry in the sponsor listing area, to e.g. show case their company for recruiting purposes or consulting services. With over 10,000 printed copies distributed world-wide this is an excellent way to reach out to new developers and customers.

If you are in a business relying on using Python don't miss the opportunity to support your favorite programming language and contribute to the community in the very first Python image brochure.



The brochure will have an addendum with 2 double pages for ads. There are half page or a full page ads .

Sponsors will receive a box of around 120 free copies of the printed brochure after production.

At the time of writing 4 ads are already sold to players well known beyond the community.

Reference Entry

Reference entries come with a fixed layout on the last two pages of the Python Brochure including the full color logo and contact details. There is room for more than 30 entries and a good chance to show support.

See the project newsletter for more information and order procedures if you are interested in participating.